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New opening: Arbory Bar & Eatery

Settling in for a drink at a disused train line doesn’t necessarily sound like the dream location for a bar. But this isn’t your regular train line. The platform for the abandoned Sandridge line at Flinders Street station has a prime spot overlooking the Yarra. Arbory Bar & Eatery also gets... Read more →


New opening: Rosa’s Canteen

Rosa Mitchell has long been a staple of Italian cooking in Melbourne, and she now opens her latest restaurant, Rosa’s Canteen. This is a Monday-Friday operation, in the madly busy legal district of the CBD that goes rather quiet at night and over the weekend. The concept is similar to her Rosa’s Kitchen,... Read more →



There’s something quite ballsy about opening a restaurant that essentially only offers one main. Where many restaurants try to cover all bases and appeal to all tastes, moods and dietary requirements, Entrecôte throws it all away and focuses on doing just one thing. The risk is that there’s not much room... Read more →


Tipo 00

Like many people, I have always had an affinity with Italian food. Maybe it was growing up in the North of England where pasta was one of the more exotic cuisines to enter the weekly repertoire, but there’s this sense of home and comfort in Italian food that is hard to... Read more →

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