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Kid Boston

Sometimes it can be nice not knowing too much about somewhere or something before you do it. We live in a world where the internet and mobile technology has made it so easy to find information, word of mouth commentary and blogs (guilty) about pretty much anything. Yes, there were... Read more →


The Girl with the Gris Gris

It is strange how we can develop an affinity for a destination we’ve never been to. People often yearn for the rolling hills of Tuscany, pristine beaches on the other side of the world or the alluring hustle and bustle of cities like London, New York and Paris. For me, one... Read more →


Phở Nom

Who makes the best burger? Where’s the best banh mi? Where can I find the best xiao long bao? These are some of the questions that spur on passionate discussion and arguments with Melbourne food lovers, and spur endless lists of ‘five best’ in newspapers, magazines and websites. Also on... Read more →


Stagger Lee’s

For someone who wakes up far too early every day, even on holidays (just once I want a sleep-in!), I’m not really someone who eats out for breakfast/brunch very often; hence the lack of cafe coverage on Eat Melbourne. Which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy it, although sometimes cafes... Read more →

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