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Grey Goose header

Joe McCanta and the Grey Goose

Now I don’t know about you but vodka hasn’t been top of my list lately when it comes to drinks. Like many people it was one of my go-to drinks during my university days, cheap brands that were better suited to cleaning paintbrushes than human consumption. Which more than likely explains why... Read more →


Luxembourg Bar and Bistro

French bistro. Those two words can evoke a slight feeling of dread. Will it be a gaudy show of poorly executed ‘authentic’ dishes that recall memories of decades past (and not in a good way)? Or will it ponder carefully on the past and reimagine the best parts for today’s dining... Read more →


Bluebonnet BBQ

American-style barbecue isn’t anything new to Melbourne, but to find somewhere doing it the old-fashioned, wood-smoked, slow-cooked way isn’t as easy as you might think. After successful pop-ups with the Grub Food Van and the Beaufort, chef Chris Terlikar has found a semi-permanent home for his wood smoker with a 12-month... Read more →


Green Park, a teaser

We were invited along to the launch night of Green Park for a preview of what to expect from this new daytime eatery that segues into a neighbourhood restaurant and wine bar when the sun begins to set. For our Eat Melbourne readers we present a teaser of Green Park, opening... Read more →

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