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Restaurant Wars: Estelle vs Saint Crispin

Any loyal followers of Eat Melbourne likely know two of our favourite spots are Estelle and Saint Crispin, both owned by Scott Pickett (Saint Crispin is co-owned with Joe Grbac). There’s a bit of friendly rivalry between the two spots and Eat Melbourne may also seem to favour, in number of... Read more →


Lee Ho Fook

The curse of living in an exciting, every-changing city like Melbourne means that you’re constantly on the back foot when it comes to visiting new places. There are some people that flit from new opening to new opening like a deranged butterfly, but I love the experience of being a regular at my favourite... Read more →


Ms Collins

At most bars and clubs, food tends to be an afterthought to tick off a liquor licence requirement, unless they’re lucky enough to be a bar that is part of a restaurant. Ms Collins however has decided to set a new standard for culinary offerings in between drinks, dancing and... Read more →



In a food-loving city like Melbourne, where there are new restaurants opening every week, it can be hard to keep up and visit all of the ones you want to. I keep a list of places that I need to get to and Valentino has been on that list for far too... Read more →

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